Toter® Two-Wheel Carts Trash Cans

Toter LLC

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Toter® Two-Wheel Trash Cans for homeowners are perfect for residential waste and recycling uses. Recognized as the World’s Toughest Carts, Toter trash cans offer years of maintenance-free service. And they’re suited for a variety of uses, including storing and transporting birdseed, dog food, horse feed . . . whatever you’ve got. 

  • Available in 32 gallon carts, 48 gallon carts, 64 gallon carts and 96 gallon cart sizes
  • Textured granite finish hides scuffs and scratches
  • Trash Cans are manufactured using Advanced Rotational Molding™ process for years of maintenance-free service
  • Rugged Rim® design and bottom wear strip provide added strength where it’s needed most
  • Carts contain up to 50% recycled content
  • Carts are flexible and impact resistant to handle the continued stress of automated waste collection
  • Lower handle height make Toter trash cans easier to tilt
  • Available colors include Greenstone and Recycle Blue
  • Toter two wheel retail carts are backed by a 10-Year Warranty.

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