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The Penray Companies Heavy Duty Carburetor Cleaner 11 Oz

The Penray Companies Heavy Duty Carburetor Cleaner 11 Oz

The Penray Companies

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Removes gum, varnish and dirt build-up

Product Benefits
High pressure aerosol spray cleans carburetor and PVC valves in seconds
Helps restore carburetor performance by removing gum, varnish and dirt build-up
The Penray CompaniesCleans and frees linkages, cables, and actuators

FOR CLEANING CHOKES: Remove air cleaner housing.
Disconnect heat riser tube. Mark position of choke cover.
Remove baffle plate. Spray product on cylinder, vacuum piston and shaft. Work choke until free. Start engine and re-spray piston and cylinder while manually opening and closing choke.
Replace cover and parts.
FOR LINKAGE: Spray product directly on linkage. Let soak in and spray again.
PVC VALVE: Clean every 4,000 miles. Turn off engine.
Disconnect tube on crankcase side leaving vacuum side connected. Insert extension tube in spray tip and spray in open end of valve while manually moving valve back and forth.
Let product soak for 3 minutes. Start engine and re-spray for flushing valve. Reconnect tube.
MANIFOLD HEAT CONTROL: Spray product on exposed section of shaft while engine is cold. Allow product to penetrate (3 minutes). Move weight up and down until free.

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