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Shopsmith 3" x 21" Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts 60 Grit


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These Belts Cut Four Times Faster With Less Effort and
Last Four Times Longer Than Standard Abrasives

Shopsmith's new premium abrasive products feature G2 technology, a combination of the highest quality abrasive grains, mated with the most durable backings to give you the fastest-cutting, longest-lasting abrasives available.

These G2 ceramic abrasive belts feature:

Rugged Poly-Cotton Cloth Backings - resist tearing and stretching
Bi-Directional, Flush Joints - run smoothly in both directions
Kevlar, Heat Resistant Reinforced Joints - for maximum seam durability
Advanced Resin Bonding System - for durability and performance
Ceramic Grains - are super-sharp for fast cutting and reduce heat build-up during sanding
Start enjoying the benefits of four-times faster cutting and four-times longer life with Shopsmith Ceramic Abrasive Belts.

Shopsmith Ceramic Abrasive 3" x 21" Belts are available in 36 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, 100 grit and 120 grit.

Note: We advise you to always wear an N95 (NIOSH-Certified) Respirator when sanding to filter out 95% of airborne particles.

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