Myron Mixon Wood Pellets All Natural Hickory 20 lbs

Myron Mixon

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Delivering unmatched quality and savory flavors to your food, you’ll never have to use gas or charcoal again with our premium wood pellets! Adding blue smoke and a bold taste to each and every bite, these wood pellets for smoking and grilling come in three flavors—cherry, hickory, or orchard blend—all very unique, and all equally gratifying! Our wood pellets for smoker are 100% all-natural, and completely free of any artificial flavors or chemicals. Incredibly versatile, Myron Mixon’s high-quality wood pellets add a wood-fired taste to absolutely anything you’re cooking up in the backyard—from beef, poultry, and pork to seafood and vegetables, they are perfect for grilling, smoking, barbequing, baking, roasting, and braising. With cooking at home becoming increasingly popular this year, Myron Mixon wanted to bring together American quality and Affordability to the grill—that’s why our wood smoker pellets are sustainably sourced and manufactured in the USA. Cook, eat, and share better meat with a Myron Mixon product that simply can’t be beat!


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