Lomanco Foundation Vents 8" x 16"


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Foundation vents are used to keep crawl spaces dry and allow light to enter. When moisture build-up is reduced, so are the chances of termite damage and mold. On many occasions, attics are properly ventilated and the foundation is completely forgotten.

Lomanco provides a complete line of foundation vents. Lomanco Foundation Vents are available in Plastic, Die-Cast Aluminum, and All-Aluminum Construction. Foundation vents come in several different styles—shutter style, hinged louver style, and with a damper for tight closure.

Lomanco® Foundation Vents are designed with an 8x8 perma-coated aluminum screen attached and are engineered for maximum venting capacity while providing maximum weather protection. That is the "Lomanco Balance." Most vents are available in the standard concrete block size—16” x 8”.

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