Irwin Strait-Line® Classic Aluminum Chalk Reel


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The IRWIN® STRAIT-LINE® CLASSIC Aluminum Chalk Reel features a nested hook dock for compact storage without unwanted hook snagging with the ability to quickly hook and go with gloves on. The 100 ft. abrasion resistant poly line provides up to six strikes per pull. The robust steel handle and large center hub deliver increased durability, strength, and torque, and the durable aluminum housing provides impact resistance. The new spool design reduces line jamming, knotting, and fraying for reel longetivity.


  • 100 ft. abrasion-resistant poly line provides 5-6 strikes per pull
  • 1:1 Gear ratio for simple line retraction
  • Durable aluminum housing for impact resistance
  • New spool design to reduce line damage and aerate chalk
  • Nested hook dock for improved hook storage with less unwanted hook snags
  • Center line to use as a plumb bob
  • Wide door for quick and easy chalk fill with increased visibility
  • Robust steel handle and large center hub for increased durability, strength and torque
  • Slim design for improved grip and and comfort


  • Framing 
  • Carpentry 
  • Drywall 
  • Builder Remodeler 
  • Woodworking



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