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Black Swan Leak Detector 1 oz.

Black Swan

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Black Swan Leak Detector is formulated to locate gas leaks in pipe lines, valves, pressure vessels, cylinders, tanks, etc. After applying leak detector directly from container to exterior surface, large bubbles will appear if there is gas escaping. may be used to find leaks of air, natural gas, refrigerants, CO2 and most other gases. This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-freezing to -10° F.

Do not dilute this product. Use directly from container.
Apply Leak Detector to pipe joint of any other part of vessels being checked.
If no bubbles appear immediately there is no leak.
If bubbles appear there is a leak. The bubbles will last for a long enough period to assure detection.
Leak Detector will not cause corrosion if excess material is not wiped from joint. The material is non-staining on metal surfaces.

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