B’laster Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Jack Oil 32 Oz.


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B’laster Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Jack Oil is a high-performance blend that mixes with all standard hydraulic jack fluids. Formulated with anti-wear additives that lubricate to reduce friction, improve hydraulic pressure, and reduce operating temperature, B’laster’s Hydraulic Jack Oil will improve performance and prolong the life of hoses, cylinders, and rams. Anti-foaming agents prevent clogging and B’laster’s Hydraulic Jack Oil performs in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Our Hydraulic Jack Oil saves time and money with any hydraulic problem.

Mixes with All Jack Fluids
Anti-Wear Additives for Improved Performance
Anti-Foaming – Won’t Clog
Extreme Temperature & Humidity Performance
ISO 22 / SAE 5W

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