Swine Starters

Mini-Pelleted ecomplete feeds designed for today’s starting/growing Show Prigs being fed for Show Pig sales or for pigs in early exhibition feeding programs.


  • Contain plasma protein for better feed intake which helps prevent stall-out or post-weaning lag in young pigs.
  • CitiStim® provides a source of yeast mannans and beta glucans that may alter gut microflora, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • PremiDex™ has shown positive effects on performance, resulting from beneficial changes of gut microflora
  • Properly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals for optimal early growth
  • Contains optimal levels of lactose for better growth rate
  • Highly palatable formula encourages feed intake
  • Pelleted for better feed efficiency
  • Mini-pellet form to promote feed consumption

Moorman’s ShowTec Burst Starter CTC/DEN No. 24020AYW

Designed for 15-50 lb show pigs being fed for show pig sales or to be shown in early exhibition shows. 24020AYW has been formulated with the most advanced nutritional components which are critical in preparing young show pigs to stand out in early exhibitions shows and to catch buyers attention. It contains components needed to enable young pigs to quickly develop exceptional muscle expression and rapid bloom within 7-10 days provided genetics, management, environment, etc. does not limit performance. Excellent consumption is achieved with this product.

  • Provides 21.5% crude protein, 6.5% fat, and 1.5% lysine
  • Mini-pellet form
  • Medicated with chlortetracycline and tiamulin (Denagard™*), 2-day withdrawal.

* not a trademark of ADM or Spencer Feed & Supply

MoorMan’s ShowTec Sale Prep Starter No. 12006

  • Designed for feeding to Show Pigs in starting and growing phases.
  • Provides 20% crude protein, 5.5% fat, and 1.25% lysine
  • Medication choices include: ASP-250 (chlortetracycline, sulfamethazine, and penicillin – 15 day withdrawal) or Tylan (tylosin – no withdrawl)
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