Patios & Retaining Walls

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Zen GardenWho doesn't love stepping into their backyard and enjoying that zen experience of a perfectly manicured garden and easy to maintain patio? Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have your own patio, retaining walls, raised garden bed or stone bench?

If you have ever thought about building a gardening masterpiece or patio of your own, then we are your next must see shopping place! Our store is home to a team of patio designers who will sit down with you in our SFS Design Center. They will take their time and discuss your wants, goals and dreams so that they can design a patio or garden space that is a perfect fit for you.

Spencer Feed & Supply stocks thousands of pieces of brick, stone, block and stepping stones on our 5 + Acre Yard and can special order almost anything we don't have. Special Orders for stone generally take as little as 2 days to get in and our delivery trucks make it easy to have product brought right to you! If you have questions about any of our products, services or would like to have one of our Design Specialists come look at your outdoor space for free, please do not hesitate to

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