Organic Fertilizer Options

Spencer Feed & Supply is proud to be a leader of sustainable agriculture, our goal is to aid farmers and gardeners as they produce good, healthy food and plants, as well as improve the quality of the soil and the environment. As we have expanded into other related areas such as organic lawn and turf care, we continue to strive to help make our land safe for future generations.

We are proud to list Ohio Earth Foods as one of our major suppliers. Founded in 1972 after observing the benefits of farming with natural fertilizers and being concerned with the effects of conventional/chemical farming on the environment and human health. Over the years, they have added to their line of all natural, proprietary fertilizers to include potting soil, soil amendments, pest controls, animal feed supplements and other organic products of the finest quality and proven performance for gardens, lawns and farms. Ohio Earth Food’s strive for quality, fair pricing and their true passion for organic growing makes them the best partner Spencer Feed & Supply could ask for.

We specialize in supplying organic products to all types of commercial growers including farmers, nurseries, landscapers and golf courses. For ton prices call 1-800-837-4515 or write to 227 North Main St., Spencer Oh 44275. We can accommodate any order, whether it is 1 bag or 1 semi load, we have the ability to take care of all size customers.

Most of our products meet the new National Organic Program standards. Please call us for assistance with questions you have about specific products. Then contact your certification agency to confirm their acceptability.

We also offer soil testing and leaf tissue analysis as well as consultation services. All recommendations are made using organic products.


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