Horse Feeds

At Spencer Feed & Supply we understand that your equine friend is more than just “a horse” they are your best friend and we plan to help you keep them as healthy as possible! With premium nutrition, consistent quality, economical feed options and Free On Farm Nutrition Analysis & Body Scoring, our goal is to help keep your horse happy and your mind at ease. We strive to not only offer the right nutritional package for you and your horse, but to also offer the best cost per head per day options that fit your feeding needs.

We offer custom in-house milling as well as our own Spencer Feed & Supply brand of feeds:

  • Spencer 12% Textured, (No Molasses Option Available)
  • Spencer 14% & 16% Textured
  • Spencer Equine Maintenance 12% Pellet
  • Spencer Equine Plus 14% Pellet

We also offer the full line of ADM Alliance Nutrition Feeds:

Senior Glo 3ds

Triple Crown Feeds:

  • Growth
  • Low Starch
  • Lite
  • 30% Supplement
  • Complete
  • Senior

Buckeye Feeds:

  • Pleasure Textured & Pellet
  • Safe N Easy Textured & Pellet
  • EQ8
  • Senior Textured & Pellet
  • Gro N Win
  • Alfa Gro N Win
  • Gro N Win GC
  • Ultimate Finish

Nutrena Feeds:

  • SafeChoice Original
  • SafeChoice Senior
  • Empower Balance
  • Empower Boost