Dog & Cat Foods

We are proud to offer the following Dog & Cat Foods Brands everyday in our store! Also be sure to ask about the hundreds of brands that we can special order for you!

Dog Foods:

Earthborn, Blue Buffalo, Taste of The Wild, ProPac, Proud Paws, Sportmix Wholesomes, Sportmix, Hunter’s Special, Diamond, Southern States, Blue Barn and more available to special order!

Cat Foods:

Earthborn, Blue Buffalo, ProPac, Diamond, Southern States, Sportmix, Proud Paws and more available to special order!

Grain Free Brands:

Earthborn Dog & Cat Foods, Blue Buffalo Dog & Cat Foods, Taste of the Wild, ProPac, Sportmix Wholesomes and More!

We also carry:

Dog & Cat Food Bowls, Pet Cages, Litter Boxes & Scoops, Cat Litter, Nature’s Miracle, Dog & Cat Toys, Dog & Cat Treats, Bones, Flea & Pest Control (With the area’s best pricing on Frontline Plus), Tie Out Chains & Cables, Leashes & Collars, Dog & Cat Beds, Automatic Waterers & Feeders, Organic Worming Options, Vaccines and much more!


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Not feeding our feeds? Bring in an empty bag of your current feed and

we will give you $2.00 Off a comparable product from Spencer Feed & Supply!