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National Fire Prevention Month

In honor of National Fire Prevention Month we have several must have products to help keep your family and home safe and prepared.

Almost 60% of reported home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no working smoke alarms.  The First Alert SA303CN3 battery bowered smoke alarm with silence button is a reliable option.  This unit features a convenient silence/test button, blinking power light and 85-decibel alarm along with a side battery drawer and missing battery guard, plus a low battery warning and is tamper resistant This alarm has a 5-year limited warranty.

The First Alert SA304CN3 smoke alarm features an escape light to help illuminate your path to safety and a 10-year limited warranty. When smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually because batteries are missing, disconnected, or dead. Make sure you test your alarms regularly and remember to change your batteries often; a good rule is to switch out your batteries at the beginning of daylight savings time in spring and fall.


Two of every five home fires started in the kitchen with unattended cooking  sited as a major factor.  A fire extinguisher is must-have for the kitchen. With high safety standards and a practical design, the Kidde 2-2/12-Lb. kitchen fire extinguisher has a easy to pull safety pin. You can help protect your family from future kitchen fires this UL-listed fire extinguisher.

Almost half of home electrical fires involved electrical distribution or lighting equipment. Other leading types of equipment were washer or dryers, fan, portable space heaters, air conditioning units and water heaters.. Have your homes wiring inspected by a qualified electrician to prevent faulty wiring casing a potential fire in your home or business. Click on this link for more safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association and spread the word about fire safety.

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Need Supplies for Back To College?

Seems like we are all just settling in to summer, but alas, store advertisements have already started reminding us that the start of school is just around the corner and for those heading off to colleges and universities, that time is even sooner.

If you or a family member is heading back to campus, check out the Slug Books College Packing list http://www.collegepackinglist.com/ for an easy to use packing checklist of suggested items for the dorm room, along with other helpful info to get college students off to a good start this fall.

 We have a lot of the door room basics you will need, here at Spencer Feed, including packing tape, light bulbs, cleaning supplies and more.  

is a must have item to add to your campus bound shopping list (and keep some on hand at home as well).  One of the most repulsive insects to deal with is the bed bug. I get itchy just thinking about them! Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in recent years. Controlling these bloodsuckers in multi-unit dwellings, is tricky as they literally hitchhike from room to room. Pest control professionals have indicated that college dormitories can become a “hotbed for bedbug activity” We carry Harris Bed Bug Killer in quart and gallons. Harris Bed Bug Killer is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for the control of bedbugs and lice. Spray mattresses, bedside furniture, luggage and backpacks. It’s odorless and non-staining. For more information on bedbugs and other Harris pest solutions go to http://pfharris.com/pages/bedbughelp.html.

Most systems prioritize giving siblings the opportunity to attend the same school, and different schools offer dozens of other types of preferences Most systems prioritize giving siblings the opportunity to attend the same school, and different http://order-essay-online.net schools offer dozens of other types of preferences

When DIY is this easy, why hire a professional?

Eat, shop, CLEAN. If you are like us, there are some things about the holidays we would rather not do–clean the carpets, scrub the couch, vacuum the stairs. Professional carpet cleaners could do the trick, but can cost a minimum of $80-100! Ace is here to help with our Bissell Deep Clean Carpet Cleaners! Save big this season at $24.99 for a 24-hr rental. When DIY is this easy, why hire a professional?
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